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About Us


The OneWayForward Inc. is a sole proprietary management consultation firm based in Egypt, providing business services to the local market, as well as the regional and global markets. It has been incorporated since July 2011.


Our Vision: To be a world class consultation services firm, well positioned in a global landscape.


Our Mission: To provide effective useful services with tangible results and real values realized by our clients.


As a management consulting firm, we care for being a model example for our clients in practicing what we preach. Thus, we are keen to apply best practices that depict topmost standards in the industry of management consultancy. For this purpose, we have developed our processes and procedures in line with the standard guidelines included within ISO 20700:2017 - Guidelines for management consultancy services. We continue to do our best effort in seeking excellency.


We provide the following categories of services and products

  • Specialized consultation services, covering a wide spectrum of project management, IT management, and organizational support services, ranging from organizational project management maturity assessment, PMO establishment, enterprise architecture development and implementation, organizational excellence assessment and improvement, ITSM implementation support, CMMI® implementation and appraisal support, Six Sigma® improvement projects support, and other related services.

  • Training services including management and IT related training subjects, provided as regular training classes or on-demand, training materials development, or in the form of coaching and mentoring on-the-job, or as supplementary service to our consultation engagements.

  • Translation services of management and business materials between the Arabic and English languages, including translation and proof reading services.

  • Toolkits including various types of ready made tools that can be ordered directly, or design of customized tools as per the client request.

  • Products that include a variety of ready consultative items that can be ordered and shipped directly.


The following firms are affiliated as standalone service channels


GCL Egypt Inc. LogoThe GCL Egypt Inc. is a subsidiary through which GCL® Certificate National Licensee services are provided, which include accreditation of test centers, examiners, administrators, and providing examination codes.


ClouDesk Inc. LogoThe ClouDesk Inc. is a subsidiary provider of cloud services, as a registered consulting partner with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Accredited AWS Business Professional, Accredited AWS Technical Professional, and AWS TCO and Cloud Economics accreditation.


ADR-HUB Inc. LogoThe ADR-HUB Inc. is a subsidiary for providing alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services, specifically mediation services, for business parties in conflict situations, by facilitating conflict resolution and settlement.


EAITSM Inc. LogoThe EAITSM Inc. is a non-profit affiliate firm through which community activities in the IT Service Management field are carried out on a regional extend, including membership, events, publications, and professional development activities.



We have the following partnerships with professional bodies


Amazon Web Services LogoThe OneWayForward Inc. is a Registered Partner of Amazon Web Services (AWS), recognized as Accredited AWS Business Professional and Accredited AWS Technical Professional. We leverage our partnership and the acquired capabilities for enabling achievement of our client requirements in performing consultation engagements and in providing training services for IT management.


Dubai Business Women Council LogoThe OneWayForward Inc. is a member in Dubai Business Women Council (DBWC). In line with our vision, we are expanding reach by building connections with business communities, locally, regionally, and globally. Through this membership, we contribute to membership activities, and benefit from membership advantages aligned with our business goals.


Institute of Consulting Studies and ResearchThe OneWayForward Inc. has proudly partnered with the Institute of Consulting Research and Studies at Umm Al-Qura University for exclusive delivery of services provided by our firm in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We are delivering our training and consultation services with mutual branding through the institute to the local market, and the institute is exclusively working with our firm for programs and services we provide.



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The OneWayForward Inc. is a registered 'Sole Proprietary' for Rania Al-Maghraby.

Commercial License # 42678, Commercial Register # 15731.

Tax ID # 376-625-759, 6th of October, Giza, Egypt. VAT Certificate.

US Tax ITIN: 923-99-9817.


The "OneWayForward" Logo is a registered trademark for Rania Al-Maghraby

in the Egyptian Trademarks Authority in Egypt & worldwide



The following are trademarks for the OneWayForward Inc.

PMO Service DeskTM (2014) - PMO Service CatalogTM (2014)

PMO Maturity ModelTM (2015) - PMO Maturity AssessmentTM (2015)

Chemical Tube Holder MechanismTM (2016)

5+ Dimension Bubble DiagramsTM (2016) - The Ability EquationTM (2016)






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