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Reward Points System

How it works:

The Reward Points System is used to acknowledge our loyal clients and enable them to invest in their long term relationship with us.

In addition to enjoying their received services and products, the Reward Points System enables our clients to accumulate reward points to claim additional benefit on the long term.

For every USD 100 paid in doing business with us, the client receives 10 reward points credit to their balance. By collecting reward points, the client can claim a reward according to the following table:

Reward Points



25% discount on any training course


25% discount on any toolkit item


25% discount on any product item


10% discount on the total contract amount of a translation project


10% discount on the total contract amount of a PMO Implementation project


10% discount on an organizational project management assessment project using the OPM3 model


5% discount on an organizational project management assessment project using the P3M3 model


5% discount on any consultation service except PMO implementation and organizational project management assessment


50% discount on any training course for 2 attendees



Check your balance:

If you are a previous client with us, then you should have received your Reward Points System code. Login to your account using the following form to check your current balance of reward points. Through this form, you can only view your current balance with no other functionalities.


Claim your reward:

When your balance of reward points reaches a number that qualifies for a reward listed above, you can contact us to claim your reward at any time.

Also we encourage you to take our Customer Satisfaction Survey (if you didn't take it already) based on your most recent engagement with us.


Terms and Conditions:

  1. This system applies both for individuals and organizations, and the reward points are granted to the account for which the invoices have been issued.

  2. Engagements that have been entered into through special offers or by applying special discount rates don't count for reward points to be granted.

  3. In case we are subcontracted by a main contractor, then no reward points are granted neither to the main contractor nor to the end customer due to the indirect financial arrangements.

  4. Reward points don't apply for products purchased through other distribution channels aside from our website (e.g. Amazon stores).

  5. Unused reward points are automatically reset to zero every 12 months from the date of receiving each credit.

  6. The list of reward points and relevant rewards mentioned in the table above is liable to change at any time without notice.

  7. Rewards listed above are deterministic and may not be negotiated for replacement by other rewards and may not be substituted in cash.

  8. Services and products received as rewards don't count for additional reward points being added to your balance.

  9. Reward points can be used in whole or partially to claim any eligible combination of rewards.




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