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Q. Will your OPM3 tool be updated to align with PMBOK 7th edition?


A. We are not planning that it will be updated to the 7th edition because the structure of this edition is no longer process based as the OPM3 framework expects. The tool will be used as is according to the previous knowledge areas / process groups structure.

Actually we can consider the PMBOK is discontinued at the 6th edition, and a new body of knowledge is started at the 7th edition, as this new edition is in fact a revamping and rewriting of the original standard that retained its consistent structure over years.

OPM3 model was in line with the original structure of the PMBOK, and performing similar assessments based on the new structure would require a new OPM3 model rewriting as well. This could also happen at some time.



Q. How do you provide OPM3 Assessments after the program has been retired by PMI?


A. Since PMI has retired both software tools used previously for OPM3 assessments and improvements (the online self-assessment tool and the ProductSuite tool), we have developed our own tools. Our OPM3 services have become more enhanced and more resilient. We are now using EXCLUSIVE tools for performing our OPM3 services, which have the following advantages:

  • Compatible with what customers are used to see in previous OPM3 tools, adopting equivalent methodology and equivalent questions and reports

  • Continually updated to the latest editions of the project, program, and portfolio management standards (as compared to the ProductSuite tool which was outdated and wasn't upgraded since 2013 until retired in 2015)

  • More reliable and resilient services, as we are using our own tools that are available for us at anytime and anywhere, an enhancement over the ProductSuite tool which repeatedly had backend server failures and front end client technical troubles on various operating systems and hindered consultants job

  • Our tools and contents of assessments and improvements are developed and maintained under supervision by Ms. Rania Al-Maghraby, world's topmost scored OPM3 certified professional in the OPM3 certification history

  • We provide all of our OPM3 consultation services and deliverables in both Arabic and English language

More details about our OPM3 services are available on our consultation services page.



Q. Is your OPM3 assessment tool available for purchase?


A. Our OPM3 assessment tool can be ordered at our Toolkits page, along with other assessment tools.



Q. Do you provide PMP training course?


A. The market of this training course is saturated and we don't compete in it, we work only in notch offerings. However, we can provide this training course on demand for groups. Contact us to request special group training. We also offer sample PMP exams that can be ordered through our Products page.



Q. Do you provide higher levels of ITIL courses after the foundation level?


A. At the current time, our offerings of ITIL training courses is the ITIL Foundation course only. This is a certification preparation course for the ITIL Foundation exam. The ITIL Foundation certificate is a prerequisite for all the higher level certifications. Training for the higher level courses requires official accreditation that is not in our plan currently. ITIL Foundation training doesn't require accreditation and it is currently available on our training offerings. Find details of the ITIL Foundation training course at the Training Services page.



Q. Do you provide training in English?


A. Yes, our instructors deliver training courses in Arabic and in English, based on the attendees' language.



Q. Do you provide training courses outside Egypt?


A. Absolutely. We may arrange training classes in other locations, in particular in the Gulf region and North Africa, where there is prospected demand, or when a specific request is received for groups in these locations. Keep an eye on our announcements for potential classes in other locations, or contact us to request specific training.





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