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Our consultation services are targeted to organizations who would like to improve their processes. We provide the following categories of services covering a range of organizational improvement needs:


Management Consulting Engagements Lifecycle


Customers who engage with us in consultation projects have the opportunity of getting their

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We perform assessment and improvement services for organizational project management maturity using applicable tools and models, including the following:

  1. The PMI's OPM3® model using our own EXCLUSIVE software tool. Our certified consultants conduct assessment for the organizational project management practices and processes, in order to benchmark the organization on the project management maturity spectrum and to develop the appropriate improvement plan based on the organization current status and future goals, with continual follow-up on the implementation of the improvement plan, and possible re-assessment and status update. Services include:

  • Full assessment using detailed interviews and questions of the OPM3 model. In order to contract us for conducting OPM3 Assessments and/or Improvements, please submit your request through this form to enable us to do initial sizing and scoping of the project.

  • Self-Assessment reporting using our tool if you send to us your answers to the self-assessment questionnaire included in our Toolkits page, so that we prepare the assessment report for you based on your answers. In order to get this service, contact us by sending your self-assessment answers.

More details and further information are available in the following resources:

  1. The P3M3® model from Axelos Global Best Practice. We conduct assessment of organizational maturity in the three domains: Project Management (PjM3), Program Management (PgM3), and Portfolio Management (PfM3), using the self-assessment tools for each of the three models. The assessment identifies the organization's maturity level according to the 5-level maturity scale, by evaluating attributes of each of the seven process perspectives: Management Control, Benefits Management, Financial Management, Stakeholder Engagement, Risk Management, Organizational Governance, and Resource Management.

An assessment report explaining the results along with recommendations for further improvement is delivered to the customer. A certificate is issued with the achieved level of maturity based on the preformed assessment. The certificate is under our firm's name, and is not accredited or officially endorsed by any accreditation body. In order to contract us for conducting P3M3 assessments, please submit your request through this form to enable us to do initial sizing and scoping of the project. Why to take P3M3 Consulting Services from us?

  1. The IPMA's Delta® model for assessment of project management competence across 3 dimensions: Individual project managers competence (module I, using ICB model), projects competence (module P, using Project Excellence Model), and organizational competence (module O, using OCB model). Each of the 3 dimensions is assessed using the respective model and the assessment results provide the achieved level on each dimension. Our support helps organizations in performing an internal assessment to prepare for the official assessment to be carried out by IPMA itself for final certification.


For organizations who would like to build more streamlined project management practices in the form of an organizational project management office, we can provide all or some of the following relevant services:

  • Project Management Methodology Development

  • Project Management Templates Development

  • Formation of the Project Management Office Organization Structure & Orientation to the staff

  • Periodical review, audit, and recommendation for continual improvement, based on our PMO Maturity Assessment tool.

The following references are available from our resources library:


To achieve your business transformation goals, our certified enterprise architects apply TOGAF® architecture development method to analyze your current baseline architecture, and to develop new target architecture on various domains in your organization. Proceeding from the developed and agreed architecture, we work with you on managing implementation of solutions that will realize the architecture and achieve the business vision.


Check our Engagements Process for Enterprise Architecture Development and Implementation consultation projects.


The following references are available form our resources library:


We provide support services for organizations seeking achievement of organizational excellence based on the European EFQM® model. Based on this model structure, our accredited consultants provide assessment of your organization's excellence criteria, in light of the aimed results, and recommend improvement opportunities and approaches to be deployed.


We provide supportive consultation services for implementing IT Service Management frameworks like ITIL® and relevant ISO® standards and COBIT® framework. Our supportive services may include all or some of the following:


  • ISO/IEC 20000 Independent pre-Certification Audit:

    • We help IT Service Provider organizations who are preparing for ISO/IEC 20000 certification. As pre-certification step, our certified consultants do independent external audit to help the organization highlight their missing practices and non-conformities to be fully compliant with the standard requirements and pass the final certification audit that will be conducted by an accredited certification body.


  • ITSM Maturity Assessment:

    • Based on ITIL® Maturity Model high-level self-assessment, we analyze the ITSM practices implemented in the organization, and provide an assessment report with improvement recommendations. This assessment is based on 5-level maturity model, and we award a certificate with the achieved level of maturity based on the assessment results. The certificate is under our firm's name, and is not accredited or officially endorsed by any accreditation body.


  • Framework Implementation:

    • Documentation of the relevant processes of the framework to be implemented

    • Development of necessary templates and tools selection

    • Training and orientation of the involved staff members

    • Based on common frameworks and standard, including ITIL, ISO standards, and COBIT


We are a Registered Partner of Amazon Web Services (AWS) for cloud services, and our consultants are Accredited AWS Business Professional, and Accredited AWS Technical Professional. We leverage our partnership with AWS to provide the most appropriate advice on cloud computing tools and technologies to build the cloud environment that enables achievement of our customer objectives in consultation engagements. Check this paper from our publications on IT Service Management in cloud environments.


We can help software and IT organizations who aim at achieving a certain CMMI maturity level in the process of implementing the corresponding CMMI practices and goals so that the organization can be ready for assessment to get certified against the specific maturity level. On the other hand, we can provide Assessment Team Members (ATMs) for CMMI appraisals purposes. Our staff who were involved in CMMI implementation in a specific organization will not be available to contribute as ATMs at the same organization. We provide these services with regard to CMMI-DEV® and CMMI-SVC® models.


We provide support services to organizations who carry out Six Sigma® projects for improving their business processes. Our contribution can be in data measurement and analysis, process design, improvement planning and implementation, or orientation to the improvement project participant staff for adopting the improvement practices.


The PMIT™ is a pre-designed consultation service package that enables IT service providers to leverage the benefits of implementing project management practices and ITSM practices in an integrated way. The service can be requested by contacting us.


Service Title: Project Management for IT Service Providers.


Click here for the service details.



OPM3® is a registered trademark of the Project Management Institute Inc.

TOGAF® is a registered trademark of The Open Group.

EFQM® is a registered trademark of The EFQM Foundation.

CMMI®, CMMI-DEV®, and CMMI-SVC® are registered trademarks of Carnegie Mellon University

ITIL® and P3M3® are registered trademarks of AXELOS Ltd.

Six Sigma® is a registered service mark of Motorola Inc.

ISO® is a registered trademark of the International Organization for Standardization

COBIT® is a registered trademark of ISACA

Delta® is a registered trademark of the International Project Management Association

PMIT is a trademark of the OneWayForward Inc.




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