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Pre-Sales Training Course for IT Specialists, Feb. 5 - 9, 2017. For details and registration click here.
We have published a new paper on the subject of "Understanding Enterprise Architecture Continuum and Repository". Find it on our resources page.
We have released an article on our new concept of "The Ability Equation". Read it on our resources page.
We have proudly entered into partnership with the Institute of Consulting Research and Studies at Umm Al-Qura University for exclusive delivery of services provided by our firm in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. More about our partnership at the about us page.
New paper published with the title of "Portfolio Management Techniques in a Nutshell". Check this paper and others on our resources page.
OPM3 Service Updates: Since PMI has retired both software tools used previously for OPM3 assessments and improvements (the online self-assessment tool and the ProductSuite tool), we have developed our own tools. Find more details.

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Hint of the Month - December 2016

Are you accountable or responsible?



We know about the responsibility assignment matrix, which in its most common form defines the Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, and Informed roles within any activity, while 'R' and 'A' are sometimes confused. Responsible is the person or group in charge of performing the activity or getting it done, either by themselves or through subordinates, e.g. technician or team leader. Accountable is the person or group who are to be held accountable for the end result, regardless of whether they are involved in performing the activity or not, e.g. a department manager. One can be accountable and responsible at the same time for some activity. And for any activity, there need to be only one designated accountable role, and at least one responsible.



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