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  • You are a master in methodologies, I think this.
  • I was impressed by your "TOGAF questions" which was published on “Amazon”.
  • You are amazing, when it comes to follow-up.
  • I have read some of your articles recently and found them interesting as they highlight the same topics which I am currently working on.
  • I'm following up on your activities and your professionalism, and the tools you use in such (PMO) projects.
  • I just found your paper: Portfolio Management Techniques in a Nutshell. It is a great job.
  • Your webinar on TOGAF for 1 hour is more worthy than 20+ hours of a training course, you speak smoothly and spontaneously.
  • Sincere greetings and appreciation for the great effort you have made for the sake of the success of this workshop.
  • I would like to congratulate you for your publication "How to establish a Project Management Office (PMO)", which I acquired recently and that has served me well to serve a client with the process of implementing a PMO. Excellent publication.
  • PMO Maturity Assessment Tool: I am very impressed with your maturity model and would like to use it in my practice.
  • Thanks to write a powerful article on PM WORLD TODAY – FEATURED PAPER – MAY 2011, How to establish a Project Management Office (PMO), it helps me out to open a PMO.
  • I thank you for your powerful article regarding the PMO flowchart.
  • PfMP Sample Exam Questions: I found that your questions were much closer to the PfMP exam level.
  • PfMP Sample Exam Questions: I found that your questions were much closer to the PfMP exam level.
  • OPM3 webinar: I have enjoyed your presentation, well done.l Paper it's the most useful research that I've read, Many Compliments to the Author Rania Al-Maghraby. I suggest to all.
  • PMO Maturity Assessment Tool: I like your model and I would like to use it to see where we are as a "gut check" against another assessment we are doing.
  • Customer review on Amazon of PMP exam - Part 1 - Initiation: The questions focus on initiation which is great and the book has a great price for the practice questions. And yes I would recommend it.
  • Training materials given were clear & organized. Instructor was cooperative & he knows the materials very good.
  • The instructor was very cooperative, flexible and very helpful. Training material was well arranged, all items were covered. Class room well organized and equipped with all the required facilities.
  • The regular emails from OneWayForward give me the impression that you have a lot of work across the Middle East.
  • Thank you Rania, I am very grateful for your energy!
  • Customer review on Amazon of TOGAF sample exam questions: I passed the test depending on this book only.
  • I have passed the exam last Friday :) Thanks a lot for the excellent course, I would recommend you for everyone I know.
  • You are doing well it seems, and I should like to commend you for that. Please continue the good work.
  • Through my search on how to establish PMO, I found a paper you wrote with similar title. I just want to say that I find it very useful, specially in my journey in establishing the PMO, so thank you very much for this useful paper. Appreciate your effort.
  • Really, I admire your way of ads and communication.
  • While I was searching on internet I have found your Article entitled “How to establish a Project Management Office (PMO) PM WORLD TODAY – FEATURED PAPER – MAY 2011” and it is really interesting and am interested on your article.
  • We came across your articles in the PM World Journal specifically an article titled “Project X – Strategies and Lessons Learned” in April 2014 issue and it was exciting looking back at the projects that led to the Japan’s excellent growth and the lessons learnt from the same.
  • Webinar Series on ITIL: Great Series, thanks ManageEngine and Rania.
  • Configuration Management Webinar: it's good and useful webinar session.
  • I liked your paper on how to establish a PMO. It covers the topic and the different ways PMO is used well. I would use it as a good reference.
  • On behalf of my colleagues, I would like to thank you for your efforts during your course presentation and your help easing up the stress of the exam.
  • I have just come across your paper "how to establish a project management office", it is very interesting article, thank you for the informative paper.
  • I feel unable to express my feelings toward you as you represent to me a real professional woman.
  • PMI OPM CoP Webinar: We have by now over 1600 registers. A new record for a non-American presenter.
  • Me and my colleagues would like to thank you for attending this course with you. The combination of the way you teach us and the course materials are more than OneWayForward.
  • I highly appreciate your professionalism, and frankly speaking, I was able to do the project with you only in less time and possibly less troubles, but I wanted to build a team and process for future collaboration.
  • I am sure we will meet soon in another course as I am interested in the type of courses you do.
  • I would like to thank you for the excellent article on establishing a PMO "How to establish a Project Management Office (PMO)". It really helped me a lot to get a jump start on the idea of PMO, you amazingly were able to put almost everything about PMO in few pages.
  • First I’d like to present myself as an Egyptian man. This mail just to express my proudness that Egypt has women like you, having wide vision and great goals and a lot of achievements, I’m really very proud of you. God help you for more achievement and success.
  • Thanks for CMMI translation. It's an excellent and useful work, I thank you for presenting it translated in the Arabic language.
  • Thanks for having us in your excellent class. We benefited from taking cloud computing class. You granted high professionally teaching skills and kind hosting.
  • I would like to thank you for giving us that ITIL training course.
  • We are so proud of you as a Muslim lady conducting a training course with professionalism and knowledge.
  • I have just read your "How to establish a Project Management Office (PMO)" paper. It is very interesting and it reflects your huge knowledge and experience.
  • Article PM Today-PMO: It's great effort & encouraging for people like me to also write & learn. Well articulated & thought provoking.
  • I saw your wonderful and useful website, and I admired your wide experience in project management, since you represent the wonderful educated Muslim woman. I wish for further scientific and technical cooperation.
  • Thanks for a fantastic job (again)!
  • You have always had my respect and faith in your desire to do the right things.
  • I can see you are a visionary with a great vision.




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